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Mar-co Polo The Journey

Mar-co Polo The Journey

"Mar-co Polo The Journey"

The cannabis strain "Mar-co Polo The Journey" is a complex and meticulously bred hybrid, created from two well-known parent strains:

1. **Strawberry Sativa Hunted**
2. **The Wulff Reversal X Runtz (Copycat Genetixx)**

#### Breeding Process and Hierarchical Order

1. **Strawberry Sativa Hunted**
- This strain is renowned for its distinctive sweet strawberry flavor and aroma. It has been carefully selected for its strong phenotype, resulting in a high THC content and pronounced effects on users.

2. **The Wulff Reversal X Runtz (Copycat Genetixx)**
- This breeding combines The Wulff Reversal with Runtz, both of which are famous in the cannabis community. The Wulff Reversal is known for its intensity and unique flavor, while Runtz is celebrated for its sweet and fruity aroma and taste.

3. **Breeding Between Strawberry Sativa Hunted and The Wulff Reversal X Runtz**
- This combination has resulted in the new strain "Mar-co Polo The Journey," a Hybrid Sativa Dominant with prominent characteristics. It features a sweet strawberry flavor and aroma along with a unique Gas Funk scent.

#### Characteristics and Effects

- **Aroma and Flavor**: Mar-co Polo The Journey boasts a sweet strawberry aroma and flavor, similar to candy, complemented by a distinctive Gas Funk scent.
- **Effects**: This strain induces a strong appetite, fosters creativity, and promotes feelings of happiness and upliftment.
- **THC Content**: Due to the complex breeding and the dominant traits of each parent strain, Mar-co Polo The Journey can produce THC levels as high as 40%.

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Mar-co Polo The Journey is an excellent example of intricate and careful breeding, resulting in a high-quality strain with distinct characteristics in terms of aroma, flavor, and user effects.
(Strawberry Sativa Hunted )×(The Wulff Reversal X Runtz)
Hybrid Sativa domainnent
Ternepes strawberry candy Gas Funk
Effect: enjoy eating Creative Uplift giggle Happy

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