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•Power from (Exotic Genetix)
•Power from Exotic Genetix has been a lot of combinations from Gary Payton x Scotty 2 Hotty and Gary Payton. It is a very balanced hybrid strain derived from its breeder, They x Snowman. This breed has a variety of flavors, making people very interested in both a little spicy and a little sweet. Everything is perfectly combined.

The smell will go out a little spicy and will smell caramel. Will feel the fresh, relaxed effect, Relaxed Happy.

Please note: We do not support or promote products to children under the age of 20. This information is used for educational and medical use for patients with difficulty sleeping or others. And we do not encourage illegal use.

Warning: Marijuana is not encouraged to be used in public because marijuana smoke can be annoying and harmful to others, considered illegal if violated, imprisonment, or fined.

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