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Compound Genetics Tiger Eyez

Compound Genetics Tiger Eyez

Jokerz 31 X Gastro Pop
1. **Tiger Eyez Compound Genetic: Unique strain from Joker31 x Gastro pop**
- The Tiger Eyez Compound Genetic strain originates from Joker31 x Gastro pop, known for its vibrant colors and exceptional strength. It features a sweet aroma and a distinctive taste.

2. **Scent and Flavor of Tiger Eyez Compound Genetic**
- Fragrant and robust sweet aroma, with a unique taste that is popular in the marijuana industry.

3. **Breeding between Joker31 x Gastro pop**
- Breeding to produce the unique-scented and flavored Tiger Eyez Compound Genetic strain from the crossbreeding of Joker31 x Gastro pop.

4. **Pattayaweedfast Pattaya Weed Delivery

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