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Wizard Trees Genetics Tea Time

Wizard Trees Genetics Tea Time

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### Zkittlez R11 Cannabis Strain: A Comprehensive Overview

**Introduction to Zkittlez R11**

Zkittlez R11 stands out as a premium hybrid cannabis strain, masterfully cultivated by Deo Farms. This strain emerges from a unique blend of OZ Kush Pink Guava and Sunset Sherbet strains, offering an unparalleled experience. For more details, visit [RS11 aka RS-11, Rainbow Sherbert #11 Weed Strain Information]( The OZ Kush component itself is derived from a cross between the iconic OG Kush Breath and Zkittlez strains, as detailed in [What is the RS11 strain? Sunset Sherbet adds a sweet, tangy twist to the mix, enriching the overall flavor profile.

**Flavor and Effects**

The Zkittlez R11 strain is renowned for its vibrant, sweet aroma and a rich fruit-forward taste that combines fresh fruit nuances with hints of nutmeg and lemongrass. Its effects are primarily calming and stress-relieving, promoting relaxation without significant sedation. Explore more about its characteristics at [RS11 aka RS-11, Rainbow Sherbert #11 Weed Strain

**Origins and Achievements**

Originating from a robust genetic lineage, Zkittlez R11 has become a sought-after strain among commercial growers for its superior qualities and balanced growth cycle. Its cultivation efficiency is highlighted in [Top 10 Best Weed Strains To Grow in 2023 - KingPalm

Deo Farms, the cultivator behind Zkittlez R11, is recognized for its expertise in the cannabis industry, particularly in California. Their dedication to excellence was showcased when they secured the second-place runner-up position at the Growers Cup Solvent Competition in 2018 with the Tiizer strain, which shares its roots with Zkittlez. Learn more about their award-winning strains: [Buy Tiizer Regular Weed Seeds By Spitfire Genetics Online


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